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Warning - Dangerous dog toy alert Empty Warning - Dangerous dog toy alert

Post  Admin on Fri May 30, 2008 8:38 am

Can i just alert peoples attention to a dangerous toy on the market bought at crufts by my friend who has one of my pups. The toy is called a Busy Buddy made by premier. It is a kong type toy , dumbell in shape of hard rubber with holes in either end of the dumbell to put treats etc into. Well my friend gave this toy to her 7 month old pup with treats in, and after five minuits saw him scrabbling around on the floor she went to take it off him and found him to have his tongue trapped in the hole by the vacuum it had caused, his tougue wouldnt come out and was swelling up and causing him to choke , she couldnt cut it off as the rubber was too thick and of course he was panicking ... as she was. she had to rush him to the vet last night last night to have him sedated while the vet cut him free. he is now home safe but a very bruised tongue and also badly bitten where he was chewing his togue with his teeth trying to free himself. couldnt imagine what would of happened if she hadnt of seen him and not been there, would would certainly died, she is going to write to the manufacturer to tell them,
Kongs are fine as they have a hole in the top too so a vacuum isnt caused inside but because each end of this toy was solid in the middle they arent , so just a warning to anyone who may have one or anything similar
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Please crosspost & if you happen to have bought one then please don't let your dog play with it!!

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