Lone female dog walkers targeted in Surrey

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Lone female dog walkers targeted in Surrey Empty Lone female dog walkers targeted in Surrey

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Crossposted - please pass on:

Dogs Stolen From Ash Vale Area (Surrey)/Attempted Theft In Castleford

I'm told Ash Vale is around the Guildford/Aldershot area of Surrey.

Three dogs, an elderly Yorkshire Terrier, a puppy Labradoodle and a
Labrador have been snatched on or around Ash Vale ranges in the last 10
days or so. Two men, driving a red van, are targeting lone women walkers
with pedigree dogs.

Sadly the Yorkie is 12 years old and on constant medication. His elderly
owner is quite distraught,as you would imagine.

The police have been involved and are asking that walkers do not go out

Please cross post to any one you know who lives either near there, or
surrounding areas,as the police think that the gang will now move on to
another popular walking area.

In a separate incident, there was also a warning about an attempted dog
theft from Castleford, which I believe is in the Wakefield area of West

Apparently a springer spaniel has also been taken from the Ash Vale area

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