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Here's an interesting one for you:

You go to your local park and meet a gentleman who makes a comment
about your dog.

He says he admires your dog and like how you got him to walk
close to you.

He suggests that although your dog is obviously very well behaved, you
might know of someone who is perhaps struggling with their pet.

He hands you a card and reveals himself to be a full-time, professional
dog trainer.

You take his card and pass it on to a friend, who's recently asked you
if you know how they can get their dog to stop chewing in the

As the weeks go by, your friend calls you;

"That dog trainer you told me about...what a con! It turns out
he's never even owned a dog in his entire life."


How would you feel?

Conned? Set-up? Mislead?

The thing is, this sort of thing can and DOES happen. And the reason
is, in the UK at least, dog trainers are completely and utterly unregulated.

That's right. The people who are invited in to homes and entrusted with
something as important as the care and behaviour of our pet dogs
can set themselves up as a 'professional' trainer without a single,
solitary credential, check or any regulation.

It's little wonder the high quality, reputable trainers end up pulling their
hair out as the number of cowboy dog trainers rises.

If you were shocked to learn that ANYONE can set up as a
professional dog trainer without ever needing to submit to a
test of their competency, professionalism or experience, you
might want to add your name to this petition:

Like puppy farming, the unscrutable and disreputable ruin an entire
industry for the good, hard working and highly skilled individuals who
earn their living through the art of dog training.

We think it's time for the Government to take a closer look.

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