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Poison Proof Your Home Empty Poison Proof Your Home

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If you want to keep your beloved canine from being poisoned, prevention is key. Find out what foods he can and can't eat. Some tasty treats for people are toxic to dogs. Do the research on what plants are dangerous to your pooch and keep them out of your back yard or garden. Do a spot check around the house to make sure you have tamper-proof lids on all of your trash cans. Also make sure there are no bite-sized toxic products like batteries lying around the floor. And make sure you have the emergency numbers to your veterinarian and poison control center handy should you ever need them.

Poisonous Plants
There are hundreds of plants that can be toxic to your canine. However, almost any plant can leave your dog feeling ill if he ingests enough of it. Dogs can exhibit symptoms from excessive drooling to vomiting to a state of coma. Some plants to keep away from your canine include begonias, holly, mistletoe, and snapdragons.

Toxic Items around the House
Unfortunately, many common household products are toxic to your canine. To keep your beloved furry friend safe, do a safety check around the house to make sure that these products are out of your canine's reach:

Household cleaners and disinfectants
Rat Poisons
Human medications

Animal poisoning by drugs such as aspirin type products is the most common case that poison control centers see. Antifreeze is the most common "outdoor" product. Keep your pooch out of trouble by keeping these and other hazardous products locked away

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